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Dekoop looks at everyday habits, investigates needs and re-invents the ordinary. The results are unusual products for people who want to live and work with beautiful things: lanyard keychains and cell phone cases, candle covers and holders, tea cups and napkin rings, sketchbooks and bookmarks are all part of the product range.

Multi award-winning design comes together with clean lines and strong colors. In light of the particular demand for quality in material and workmanship, each product has its completely own character. And this fulfills dekoop designers Anke Rabba’s and Katrin Kuchenbecker’s high expectations of timeless product design: poetic, individual, functional.

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Belle Hélène

La belle Hélène is a set of 3 lampshades.In tracing paper to put on a stemmed glass in which you previously put the light guaranteed success! 3...