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Pince Moi

PINCE MOI : this is a round clamp soft and colorful plastic reminiscent of a confetti. This photo holder will make your pictures dance on your...


€10.00 -40% €6.00
This collection of magnetic rulers and squares is perfect for saving space in a very full schoolbag. They fold away easily and fold back out...

Bookmark Pen Banana

€6.50 -€2.00 €4.50
The purpose of the Appree range is to bring nature into your everyday life ... A leaf that is a bookmark and pen simultaneously. So slim, it won’t...

Monstera - raclette

A beautiful Monstera leaf in a bathroom scraper. A scraper that will fit in your toothbrush pot and put a little nature in this sanitized space!...

Pas'a pas

€20.00 -50% €10.00
Most kids don’t like going to bed on time, this magnetic board is here to help; it makes your daily routine more fun and practical by helping you...

Sticky Leaf

€7.80 -€2.30 €5.50
A flower on your desk gives a lot of energy to tired lives as if a flower bloomed on cold asphalt expresses the beauty of life. Sticky note.

Scaredy Cat

Hot Pot Trivet Scaredy Cat se cache à plat lorsque vous placez un pot sur son dos, mais il surgit lorsque vous le retirez, prêt à attaquer !
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Whatever its form, the trivet is an object we love to handle. Otorigami can be folded like a paper bird and sit elegantly on the table, waiting...

Set de table - Flowery

Convenient and popular. Perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The paper placemats also make a perfect present. 48 sheets assorted by 4...

Skyline rulers

€8.00 -30% €5.60
Use the straight side of the ruler for everyday measuring or take the scenic route when you have time to spare. The perfect gift to bring home...


€9.50 -20% €7.60
Clip is useful for keeping kitchen cloths and rubber gloves etc . with one hand. It saves space because you can keep such things wherever you...

Spin - toupie !

Spin the top to make an exclamation mark appear. Let its spinning entrance you and perhaps it will bring about a eureka moment. With some skill,...

Tissue Up Girl

It is time to be a prankster ! Trigger your imagination of pulling her skirt aand feel joy and interest ! « Tissue-up Girl » is designed with the...

June Spoon

€15.50 -30% €10.85
Attachable spoon holder - Lid Sid’s wife, Hug Doug’s mother – June loves her spoon! Spoon is not included. Fit any diameter between 8-11 cm / 3.1...
Coussin Wang the paga
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Coussin Wang the paga

€32.50 -€9.50 €23.00
Wang the panda is a very serene animal, whose slow movements are barely visible to the naked eye. For this reason, if you watch the panda it seems...