Flip vase

Flip vase

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This paper flower vase that you can flip will give you a different atmosphere every day with different flowers. 7 set of 7 drawings, one with humorous drawings the other more classical with vases drawings.Flip vase is a vase associated with a printed notepad. Your little flowers, often picked up on walks by children, will find their place and depending on your mood you can decide which page is the most suitable.

Model Flip Vase: Vase


Behind the notepad is hidden a small plastic container that can be filled with water for fresh flowers! One could slip a small flower in the container hidden behind and enjoy the graphics highlighting the flowers.

The small container completely hidden has a vase shape. The graphics were made by different Korean illustrators: Han Yumin, Sookyoung Kim, Kim Mijung, Kim Kirim. The creation is by Han Yumin and Tsunho Wang.

The Humor model features characters that interact with the flowers you choose. Depending on the shape of the flower, one or the other design will be more relevant!

The Vase design offers 7 different vase designs with gold details that will charm you.

The Companion (7 animals from the fields) and Wild (7 "wild" animals) designs will create picturesque scenes, each more beautiful than the last.

The Museum pattern The 7 patterns are based on 7 paintings by mythical artists. Your little flowers picked up in your garden or during your walks will find a case that will highlight them. So you will have the impression to have participated in the painting!

The Cat pattern around the cat, this animal that we know so well and yet does what it wants!  7 funny and representative patterns of a cat's life will set the scene for your flowers :-)

The Character pattern This pattern interacts with a series of colorful animals. This soliflore will find its place easily in your interior, especially the child's room.

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