Spin - toupie !

Spin the top to make an exclamation mark appear. Let its spinning entrance you and perhaps it will bring about a eureka moment. With some skill, you can make it spin for over one minute. It makes a perfect gift or a lucky charm.

  • japon
  • Ø 6,8×3,8 cm
  • 10 gr
  • shTIOKU4
  • Polyesters PBT
  • +d
  • Distributeur Agréé
  • CE
  • PA705
  • 7290106865716

More info

"Tough day? May this top put a positive spin on it!"

Spin the Sp!n and an exclamation mark will appear above. It's not just a toy. I hope that you'll find watching it spin to have a relaxing effect!



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