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Luca The Fox

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A master of deep relaxation, Luca the fox knows exactly how to unwind. If you need a short break, just warm him up, place him on your tummy and do...
Noah The Fox bouillotte
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€32.50 -€17.50 €15.00
A warming pillow for the neck. Noah the fox will curl up softly and cosily around your neck, share with you the warmth he’s stored up, and stay...

Poisson Masqué

€3.00 -50% €1.50
Because it’s time to find ways to save on the water, the masked fish sticks like a memory jogger everywhere in the house. 9 sticking fishes with...
Seed Field - germoir
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Seed Field - germoir

Planting your own seeds has never been easier, or cuter! This seed sprouter allows you to create a tiny garden at home and experience the...