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copy of Toise Théophil

€20.00 -70% €6.00
Measure your children as they grow. On one side you can slip in a picture and on the other, you can write the date. Theophil is for two children.

copy of Beanie

€19.50 -50% €9.75
Bottle stoppers. Just plug a partly full bottle with a Bottle Beanie and keep your wine for later enjoyment. Drink sensibly – no need to empty...

copy of Les Baguettes

€29.50 -60% €11.80
A natural photo holder like a line that emphasizes the essential, a groove in the wood allows you to slide an image and hold it. These sticks are...

copy of Birdwisk

€18.00 -70% €5.40
Easy cooking, beautiful space ! When we say kitchen was just a place for cooking in past these days people started to get interested as a place...

copy of Karoto

€15.00 -40% €9.00
Peel, sharpen & curl ribbons of carrots, zucchini, cucumbers and other similar shaped vegetables to decorate and add flair to your salads and...

Swanky black WITH STRIPE

€18.00 -60% €7.20
Here comes the masterpiece of your kitchen! This elegant ladle will fancy up any dinner. Floating with grace, balanced like a ballerina, Swanky...

copy of Mètre fashion

€21.00 -30% €14.70
The Fashion Tape measure is a flexible tailors tape rule that illustrates 300 years of fashion history. From Madame de Pompadour via...
Blade - aiguiseur de couteaux
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copy of Blade - aiguiseur...

€19.90 -30% €13.93
Knife Sharpener - Charging in to sharpen your day, Blade is always ready for action, without distraction, to keep your knives shiny and sharp.