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Bear papa

Price €32.00
This lovable animal screwdriver set blends decoration with utility, adding an inviting warmth. The body of Bear papa can be split to three parts :...

Pince Mi

Price €14.00
PINCE MI : this is a round clamp soft and colorful plastic reminiscent of a confetti. This letter holder will make your mail dance on your desk or...


Price €19.50
Bottle stoppers. Just plug a partly full bottle with a Bottle Beanie and keep your wine for later enjoyment. Drink sensibly – no need to empty...

Zoom sur les visages

Price €32.00
You can organize your toiletry accessories in these attractive bags displaying a selection of 7 familiar faces from famous historical paintings....

Zoom sur l'art

Price €14.00
This game of 7 families plus one allows you to better understand paintings by focusing on their details (such as the face,button, hand...). To be...
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Price €10.00
Shed light on your last read page! A lamp shaped bookmark will give your books a bright and enlightening look.

Mr Razor

Price €14.50
Razor Holder - This elegant gentleman will keep your razor where it belongs - on a fine mustache. He will easily stick to your tiles or mirror and...

Monde Riant

Price €16.30
Sticky note block in the style of Mondrian; his artwork, re-imagined in 3-dimensional blocks. Sit them on your desk and be inspired by his art,...

Lampe Tiny

Price €38.75
Instantly create a contemporary feel in any living, work or office space. Simply apply this very modern iconic sticker to the wall. Affix the...
Sabre Galaxy Gerd
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Sabre Galaxy Gerd

Regular price €32.50 -25% Price €24.38
It is a wooden lightsaber with a knitted blade (with cardboard core) – looks awesome, feels totally cool. Special feature: you can create your...
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Price €14.30
Double Pourer-Stopper- Pull a rabbit out of the hat and turn every drink to a fest!Become a professional bartender with this fancy rabbit pourer...

Mètre Historique

Price €23.00
  The Historic Folding Ruler shows 2.000 years of world history beside of 2.000 millimetres on two sides. For conveniance, an inch scale has been...
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Wasted - Bouchon

Price €17.50
The best drinking buddies are the ones that get up after a tumble, place Wasted on your bottle and you’re ready to rumble!


Price €7.00
Pencil clip Designed by Studio Scratch for Peleg Design This is not an ordinary paper clip, it's Clippen! It holds your pencil close...

Fly By

Price €14.00
Reflectionjewelryhanger : Hang the bling on a wing.  Connects to your mirror with removable double sided tape.
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Penguin - Tournevis nomade

Regular price €20.00 -20% Price €16.00
This lovable penguin screwdriver set blends decoration with utility, adding an inviting warmth. Six different-sized screwdriver bits conveniently...

Baby Nessie

Price €16.30
Loch Ness Monster tea infuser, ideal for a mug. Get ready for some legendary tea! Baby Nessie dives into the depths of your mug to release your...
Je veux juste te dire
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Je veux juste te dire

Regular price €18.50 -30% Price €12.95
Secret message candle. Sometimes the anticipation is as sweet as the message itself. Add a little candlelight and you have a recipe for a perfect...

Corker classic

Price €8.00
Take a trip down memory lane with the help of our classic toys series and a bottle of wine. Pin your memories to life

Vases Magnetic

Price €45.00
Tall, thin and elegant, this set of 5 magnetic vases will bring a breathtaking effect to your dinner table. The vases are fixed by 5 bases which...

Les Baguettes

Price €27.50
A natural photo holder like a line that emphasizes the essential, a groove in the wood allows you to slide an image and hold it. These sticks are...


Price €25.00
Can Opener This little car just needs a quick wind-up to race ‘round the kitchen like new. And if you need him to open a can, he’ll respond with...


Price €18.00
Need a place to rest your cherished treasures? Take your jewelry storage to new heights! This set of 3 jewelry trays are crafted in a sleek,...

Pendy - porte crayon

Price €12.50
Give your pens a place to rest! They say there’s a space for everything, and this tray is definitely the ultimate way to keep your desk organized....

Corker - In Space

Price €8.00
Our new series of Corkers boldly goes where no Corker has gone before. Explore the final frontier with the help of a bottle of wine and these...