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Monde Riant

Sticky note block in the style of Mondrian; his artwork, re-imagined in 3-dimensional blocks. Sit them on your desk and be inspired by his art,...

Pince Mi

PINCE MI : this is a round clamp soft and colorful plastic reminiscent of a confetti. This letter holder will make your mail dance on your desk or...

Toise Théophil

Measure your children as they grow. On one side you can slip in a picture and on the other, you can write the date. Theophil is for two children.

Flip vase

This paper flower vase that you can flip will give you a different atmosphere every day with different flowers. 7 set of 7 drawings, one with...

Patère Gum Hook

Soft silicone hooks that are safe to use – even in a child’s room. The silicone hook can be removed after being attached to the wall, making it...


Solight is a lamp shade which transforms easily any lamp socket and fluorescent bulb or led buld. Inspired by the sea shell. Sold flat. 5 colors :...

Tube Peinture

A compact tube that will keep your door securely in place. Comes in an array of colors that will appeal to various tastes.


€18.50 -40% €11.10
POLYS is a paper mobile shaped like a polygon. It doens't require glue or any other binding material and you can easily assemble the parts...

Aimant Aimant

In French the magnet word “aimant” and the loving adverb “aimant” are written in an identical way… This magnet exploit this pun and become LOVING...

Find it world

it’s a mess of letters. All  196 countries  of the world are in there. Somewhere. Find and colour the ones you’ve visited. Or leave it as it...

Robohook Red

€14.25 -20% €11.40
Magnetic Hanger :This smart robot is programmed to do an important task: he clings to the fridge with its strong magnet force to carry kitchen...


A simple and practical metal plate to hang all your documents and photos using magnets.

Pyropets - Plate

€20.00 -40% €12.00
A plate for the Pyropet candles.  A Porcelain Plate, which goes under candles for holding an excess wax.


This sweet little vase is quite a character! With his flexible arms and legs you can place him in whatever position you like. Just fill him up...
Leaf Magnet
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Leaf Magnet Coquelicot blanc

€6.00 -€1.80 €4.20
Leaf shaped magnet. As autumn wind blows because it is autumn, green leaf changes its clothes to red skirt color the mountain and water red. While...

Face Cachée

€38.00 -50% €19.00
When we choose a hook to fix on the wall, we often forget that it will spend most of its life covered by coats. This hook is different; your coat...
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Sculptural wall-mounted coat rack makes for functional art. The design is inspired by a ribbon blowing in the wing and it can hold up to 5 coats,...
Sticky Leaf
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Sticky Leaf

€7.80 -€2.30 €5.50
A flower on your desk gives a lot of energy to tired lives as if a flower bloomed on cold asphalt expresses the beauty of life. Sticky note.
Leaf Magnet
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Leaf Magnet Coquelicot Rouge

€6.00 -€1.80 €4.20
Leaf shaped magnet. As autumn wind blows because it is autumn, green leaf changes its clothes to red skirt color the mountain and water red. While...

Morris Mémo

Morris stores your blank notes until you need them. He can also display your memos’ so they don’t get missed or forgotten. In black, red or white. 

Tissue Up Girl

It is time to be a prankster ! Trigger your imagination of pulling her skirt aand feel joy and interest ! « Tissue-up Girl » is designed with the...

Sneakers Peekers -...

A fun and functional way to eliminate odors and bad smells from shoes. They are perfectly sized so that their bunny ears stand out nicely from the...