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Tissue Up Girl

It is time to be a prankster ! Trigger your imagination of pulling her skirt aand feel joy and interest ! « Tissue-up Girl » is designed with the...


A simple and practical metal plate to hang all your documents and photos using magnets.

Face Cachée

€38.00 -50% €19.00
When we choose a hook to fix on the wall, we often forget that it will spend most of its life covered by coats. This hook is different; your coat...

Peter the fox

€36.00 -30% €25.20
Peter the fox always keeps his calm. Not the clattering of a train, the rustling of the pages in a neither book, nor banter on the television will...


It is easy to lose track of your remote control at home, but with this, you can create a permanent home for it. In our quest to create easy-to-use...
Bookmark Pen
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Bookmark Pen

€15.50 -€4.70 €10.80
The purpose of the Appree range is to bring nature into your everyday life ... A leaf that is a bookmark and pen simultaneously. So slim, it won’t...
Paper mobil
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Paper mobil

€11.20 -30% €7.84
Paper mobile self-assembly without glue. A way to relax and escape. 5 models.

Belle du jour

Small mirror with a concealed wooden back, pierced with holes into which you can place a twig, either for decoration or to hang your jewellery....

Animal Object

An Inflatable Wall-Mounted Decoration Bring the wild into your home with these inflatable animal decorations. Attach to walls or windows to...


Folio means to fold in two. Tissue boxes tend to take up a lot of room, but folding them in half helps them use less space. 7 colors available.

Mino on glass

€14.90 -20% €11.92
Window decoration, hand made washi paper, reusable. After completely dried, the product may be removed carefully for storage to be re-positioning.

Find it world

it’s a mess of letters. All  196 countries  of the world are in there. Somewhere. Find and colour the ones you’ve visited. Or leave it as it...
Sticky Leaf Camélia
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Sticky Leaf Stone (Galet) -...

€7.80 -€2.30 €5.50
Sticky Leaf Pebble Series, designed by the inspiration from a memory that used to pick up stones, shellfishes, branches and etc on the beach, has...

Kaze Guru Ma

Pinwheel magnets for you to feel the wind. It is an objet for your interior. It spins around and around, and you want to blow it more and more....

Tube Peinture

A compact tube that will keep your door securely in place. Comes in an array of colors that will appeal to various tastes.