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Tissue Up Girl

Price €44.00
It is time to be a prankster ! Trigger your imagination of pulling her skirt aand feel joy and interest ! « Tissue-up Girl » is designed with the...

Mr Razor

Price €14.50
Razor Holder - This elegant gentleman will keep your razor where it belongs - on a fine mustache. He will easily stick to your tiles or mirror and...


Price €21.00
Here comes the masterpiece of your kitchen! This elegant ladle will fancy up any dinner. Floating with grace, balanced like a ballerina, Swanky...
Tablecloth "Une rose"
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Tablecloth "Une rose"

Regular price €90.00 -20% Price €72.00
Joyful and espressive tablecloth to brighten up the room. Made in France with a quality « enduite » to keep the tablecloth clean longer !


Price €17.50
Robin is younger than Morris, slimmer than Bianca and more energetic than Lenny, but don’t let his cute looks fool you he carries the weight and...

Platawa Toilette

Price €23.30
PlaTawa for Toilet compact efficiently gets into hard-to-reach places of a toilet bowl. The brush bends and fits well to any curved surfaces and...

Baby Nessie

Price €16.30
Loch Ness Monster tea infuser, ideal for a mug. Get ready for some legendary tea! Baby Nessie dives into the depths of your mug to release your...


Price €8.00
Pin your corks to life Bring your dinner party and your bottle corks to life with these cute, collectable figurine parts. An original addition to...


Price €18.50
Double, Double, Toil and Trouble... Concocting a delicious potion? Agatha will hold your spoon and release the steam from your bubbling pot!

Rockula - presse ail

Price €27.50
Garlic Crusher. Rockula’s not afraid of garlic.. He’ll rock back and forth until your garlic is crushed to bits! This is a vampire who never...

Bocal Noodle Monster

Price €25.00
Spaghetti container If spaghetti’s on the menu, but you have some to spare, Never fear! Noodle Monster will display your pasta proudly, with...

Belle Hélène

Price €18.00
La belle Hélène is a set of 3 lampshades.In tracing paper to put on a stemmed glass in which you previously put the light guaranteed success! 3...

Green Leaf - Touillette

Price €12.00
Stirrers and spoons at the same time, these little branches of greenery dip into glasses of homemade lemonade and cocktails and then stir and...

Fly By

Price €14.00
Reflectionjewelryhanger : Hang the bling on a wing.  Connects to your mirror with removable double sided tape.

Set de table - Flowery

Price €19.00
Convenient and popular. Perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The paper placemats also make a perfect present. 48 sheets assorted by 4...

Polly - Pichet

Price €29.80
Stay hydrated and happy with Polly right by your side. Don’t worry about spills, let her beak be your guide.
Tag me
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Tag me

Price €13.00
Luggage tag. Feel like getting lost? Your luggage doesn’t. Fill in your info and attach Tag-Me to your luggage. Your luggage is safe. Bon Voyage!

Spaghetti Monster

Price €22.50
Colander. Don’t let his pretty eyes fool you, this spaghetti monster is a straining master. And if you’re planning a spaghetti dish, this noodly...


Price €19.00
Solight is a lamp shade which transforms easily any lamp socket and fluorescent bulb or led buld. Inspired by the sea shell. Sold flat. 5 colors :...

Monstera - raclette

Price €15.00
A beautiful Monstera leaf in a bathroom scraper. A scraper that will fit in your toothbrush pot and put a little nature in this sanitized space!...

Find it world

Price €15.00
it’s a mess of letters. All  196 countries  of the world are in there. Somewhere. Find and colour the ones you’ve visited. Or leave it as it...

Set de table - Twigs

Price €19.00
Convenient and popular. Perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The paper placemats also make a perfect present. 48 sheets assorted by 2...