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Measure your children as they grow. On one side you can slip in a picture and on the other, you can write the date. Theophil is for two children.



Théophil is used for siblings but not only!
The only child will love to see the face of his parents evolve next to him! Or the little words that will remind him of funny anecdotes throughout the months!

Théo and Théophil were created in 2000 for the reopening of the G. Pompidou center. They corresponded to the theme of the exhibition "le temps, vite" and for this occasion Catherine Denoyelle and Assia Quétin designed a dozen objects. Only Théo and Théophil have lasted and their success is undeniable! Théophil is the double height gauge for siblings.

It's a measuring rod to replace the marks that we draw on the wall... wall that becomes dirty, that we cover... Théophil will accompany your children throughout their youth and even longer!
An essential object for whom?

Théophil is an ideal birth gift, either for twins or for parents who already have another child and who will be able to catch up!

And if there is only one child, then the parents can build a trombinoscope of their faces next to it, complete with little notes! It's not only children who get older ;)

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Pallier B2B
Fabrication country
mesure de 50cm à 2m ou en Inch
180 gr
PA Design

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