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Tissue Up Girl - Tissue box pin-up glam - AVAILABLE MID MARCH 2024

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It is time to be a prankster ! Trigger your imagination of pulling her skirt aand feel joy and interest ! « Tissue-up Girl » is designed with the image of tissue corporated with love and fun from a pleat on a skirt. It makes up the intériour decoration by the attractive color sense.

Modèle Tissue up: Marie Antoinette



Four models for four women whose skirt size is up to you! Tissue up is the vintage tissue box of the moment! With its pastel colours, let yourself be charmed by the charm of these ladies who will amuse your entourage. Tissue up, it's colour, laughter and good humour in a single object, enough to bring sweetness into the house.

A new, wiser Chunaeng model in traditional Korean costume! Chunaengjeon or Dance of spring Oriole is a Korean court dance (jeongiae) created at the end of the Joseon Dynasty. The dance was performed at the 40th birthday of Queen Sunwon in 1828. The most important movement is hwajeontae when the dancer imitates a bird perched on a flower by putting the coloured sleeves behind the back and smiling.

Tissue up is weighted with a concrete base so when you pull on a handkerchief the box will not move and will stay upright. To fill Tissue up simply pull out the inner box from the bottom, slide in the tissues you have removed from the cardboard box and replace it.

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Pallier B2B
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25,5 x 13 x 7,8 cm
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