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A range of 5 tea towels based on depictions of fabrics within famous paintings! Each towel features a specific detail of a painting, revealing the idiosyncrasies of the artist; cracks, brush strokes and transparencies…Plunge into the heart of these famous works and turn your kitchen into a gallery!

Model: F. Vincent


These absorbent cotton tea towels are not just practical - each time you use them, you’ll also be reminded of the beautiful original works of art.

Ingres, Gerard, Vincent, Saint Ildefonse, David; 5 famous painters whose works are exhibited at the Louvre and the Met. Bring art into your everyday life! The full name of each painting is written on the hem of the tea towel, so that you can look them up on the internet and see them in their full glory. Don't forget to visit the Louvre or the Met if the opportunity arises - seek out the paintings and revel in their beauty!

Want to give a tea towel as a gift?

This range of tea towels is available to purchase now - individually or in multiples - and will surprise and amaze the recipient. They are a practical and unique gift idea for all the family and also ideal as a housewarming or wedding gift. Sometimes it's nice to treat yourself too!

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Pallier B2B
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54 x 74 cm
PA Design

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