mo man tai

mo man tai

[mó, man, tai] (cantonese)= no Problem

Ulrike Jurklies is industrial designer and owns the brand ‘mo man tai'. From origin German, she first finished an apprenticeship in furniture making before studying industrial design in Munich. During her studies and after her graduation she worked in Hong Kong. Upon returning to Germany in 2001 she started her own company and moved to the Netherlands a few years later.

With her products she aims to develop concepts which surprise, entertain and impress in a convincing way. Sustainability and community responsibility are priorities during the conceptualization and development of the mo man tai products. The clear and uncomplicated aesthetics but also the combination of old traditions with modern production techniques form the basis for timeless ‘design’ and pleasure of use.

Since the majority of her products are very suited as presents, the design of promotional gifts was added as one of the services she offers. Next to that several graphic design and interior design projects were completed in the last years.

The canvas collages featured on the site are graphical montages, solely intended to be affordable decoration. A certain level of exclusivity is guarantueed as the collages are only offered in limited, numbered circulation. The digital prints fit well in a private/domestic environment but in the mean time also have found their way into galleries and hotelrooms. Ofcourse personal commissions also are part of the design services Ulrike offers.

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