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Zoom sur les visages

Price €32.00
You can organize your toiletry accessories in these attractive bags displaying a selection of 7 familiar faces from famous historical paintings....

Zoom sur l'art

Price €14.00
This game of 7 families plus one allows you to better understand paintings by focusing on their details (such as the face,button, hand...). To be...

Nessie Tale

Price €11.30
Let Nessie guide you deep in the plot, and when you stop she’ll save your spot. A legendary read is guaranteed!
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Regular price €15.00 -20% Price €12.00
This spiral slicer will add colour to your kitchen and fun to your salads. Ideal for cucumbers & zucchini.
Pinceau Finn Bleu
  • -30%

Pinceau Finn

Regular price €17.80 -30% Price €12.46
Pastry & basting brush - Fish shaped silicone brush with wood handle. Looks great hanging in your kitchen.

Green Leaf - Touillette

Price €12.00
Stirrers and spoons at the same time, these little branches of greenery dip into glasses of homemade lemonade and cocktails and then stir and...

Circus pick

Price €10.50
Dogs playing freely in the park, elephants performing tricks, dancing monkeys and bears moving to the music, Pierrot conducting amongst the...
Leaf Magnet
  • -€1.80

Leaf Magnet

Regular price €6.00 -€1.80 Price €4.20
Sea Series, designed by the inspiration from a memory that used to pick up stones, shellfishes, branches and etc on the beach, has the design...
Curly Cat - découpe légume
  • -30%

Curly Cat - découpe légume

Regular price €13.00 -30% Price €9.10
Vegetable Curler Cucumbers and zucchinis don’t stand a chance, Curly Cat is on the prowl! Twist one through Curly Cat's blades and watch the...

Mimi Pet

Price €19.50
This ear accessory is in the shape of a dachshund with a looong body, and also functions as earplugs. Add a little humor when you want to...

Kaze Guru Ma

Price €21.80
Pinwheel magnets for you to feel the wind. It is an objet for your interior. It spins around and around, and you want to blow it more and more. It...


Price €14.00
From the depths of the ocean comes Yolkfish, a recently discovered species of fish that specializes in separating eggs. Gulp!

Pelix - Porte éponge

Price €16.80
There's a rare bird sitting on the edge of the sink! It can hold a wet cloth for drying and cup a soapy sponge, all at once with ease. A strong...
Tablecloth "Une rose"
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Tablecloth "Une rose"

Regular price €90.00 -20% Price €72.00
Joyful and espressive tablecloth to brighten up the room. Made in France with a quality « enduite » to keep the tablecloth clean longer !


Price €14.75
They say dog is man’s best friend, but can a dog open a beer for you and then patiently wait on the cap of the next one? No! So Beerdy, your...

Vases Magnetic

Price €45.00
Tall, thin and elegant, this set of 5 magnetic vases will bring a breathtaking effect to your dinner table. The vases are fixed by 5 bases which...

Polly - Pichet

Price €29.80
Stay hydrated and happy with Polly right by your side. Don’t worry about spills, let her beak be your guide.


Price €7.25
PlaTawa for kitchen is a uniquely shaped multi-purpose brush, convenient for use in the kitchen. It's useful for cleaning colanders, graters,...

Bijour de livre

Price €15.00
Book jewellery is an effective and beautiful page-brand. They are composed of a chain and a clip gilded with fine gold or silver. The exotic leaf...

PP Set de table

Price €19.00
Convenient and popular. Perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The paper placemats also make a perfect present. 48 sheets.

Tube Peinture

Price €14.80
A compact tube that will keep your door securely in place. Comes in an array of colors that will appeal to various tastes.
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Regular price €13.70 -40% Price €8.22
Another baking disaster? Makicups will make your cooking precise as a sushi master … HAYAA !!!
Peter the fox
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Peter the fox

Regular price €36.00 -30% Price €25.20
Peter the fox always keeps his calm. Not the clattering of a train, the rustling of the pages in a neither book, nor banter on the television will...