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Monde Riant

Price €16.30
Sticky note block in the style of Mondrian; his artwork, re-imagined in 3-dimensional blocks. Sit them on your desk and be inspired by his art,...
Pas'a pas
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Pas'a pas

Regular price €20.00 -50% Price €10.00
Most kids don’t like going to bed on time, this magnetic board is here to help; it makes your daily routine more fun and practical by helping you...

Zoom sur l'art

Price €14.00
This game of 7 families plus one allows you to better understand paintings by focusing on their details (such as the face,button, hand...). To be...

Zoom sur les visages

Price €32.00
You can organize your toiletry accessories in these attractive bags displaying a selection of 7 familiar faces from famous historical paintings....

Pince Mi

Price €14.00
PINCE MI : this is a round clamp soft and colorful plastic reminiscent of a confetti. This letter holder will make your mail dance on your desk or...
Je veux juste te dire
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Je veux juste te dire

Regular price €18.50 -30% Price €12.95
Secret message candle. Sometimes the anticipation is as sweet as the message itself. Add a little candlelight and you have a recipe for a perfect...

Flip vase

Price €24.80
This paper flower vase that you can flip will give you a different atmosphere every day with different flowers. 7 set of 7 drawings, one with...

Zoom sur les visages

Price €22.50
You can organize your toiletry accessories in these attractive bags displaying a selection of 5 familiar faces from famous historical paintings....


Price €19.00
Solight is a lamp shade which transforms easily any lamp socket and fluorescent bulb or led buld. Inspired by the sea shell. Sold flat. 5 colors :...

Mètre fashion

Price €19.00
The Fashion Tape measure is a flexible tailors tape rule that illustrates 300 years of fashion history. From Madame de Pompadour via...

Belle Hélène

Price €18.00
La belle Hélène is a set of 3 lampshades.In tracing paper to put on a stemmed glass in which you previously put the light guaranteed success! 3...

Lampe Tiny

Price €38.75
Instantly create a contemporary feel in any living, work or office space. Simply apply this very modern iconic sticker to the wall. Affix the...
Curly Cat - découpe légume
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Curly Cat - découpe légume

Regular price €13.00 -30% Price €9.10
Vegetable Curler Cucumbers and zucchinis don’t stand a chance, Curly Cat is on the prowl! Twist one through Curly Cat's blades and watch the...
Sticky Leaf
  • -€2.30

Sticky Leaf

Regular price €7.80 -€2.30 Price €5.50
A flower on your desk gives a lot of energy to tired lives as if a flower bloomed on cold asphalt expresses the beauty of life. Sticky note.

Les Baguettes

Price €27.50
A natural photo holder like a line that emphasizes the essential, a groove in the wood allows you to slide an image and hold it. These sticks are...

Belle du jour

Price €39.00
Small mirror with a concealed wooden back, pierced with holes into which you can place a twig, either for decoration or to hang your jewellery....

Mimi Pet

Price €19.50
This ear accessory is in the shape of a dachshund with a looong body, and also functions as earplugs. Add a little humor when you want to...


Price €84.00
An original vase that adapts to the flowers. The "Forget-me-not 2" vase is a composition of 5 glass tubes of different sizes hung between them...
Tag me
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Tag me

Price €13.00
Luggage tag. Feel like getting lost? Your luggage doesn’t. Fill in your info and attach Tag-Me to your luggage. Your luggage is safe. Bon Voyage!

Crayon Dot Flowers

Price €33.00
Dotmusee : Crayons in which the colors used by the impressionist Monet in his great paintings are blended together. Dotfolwer : Multicolor...
Tablecloth "Une rose"
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Tablecloth "Une rose"

Regular price €90.00 -20% Price €72.00
Joyful and espressive tablecloth to brighten up the room. Made in France with a quality « enduite » to keep the tablecloth clean longer !