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Pince Moi

PINCE MOI : this is a round clamp soft and colorful plastic reminiscent of a confetti. This photo holder will make your pictures dance on your...


€10.00 -40% €6.00
This collection of magnetic rulers and squares is perfect for saving space in a very full schoolbag. They fold away easily and fold back out...

Mètre fashion

The Fashion Tape measure is a flexible tailors tape rule that illustrates 300 years of fashion history. From Madame de Pompadour via...

Leaf Magnet Galet

€6.00 -€1.80 €4.20
Sea Series, designed by the inspiration from a memory that used to pick up stones, shellfishes, branches and etc on the beach, has the design...

Brain Drain

€13.50 -20% €10.80
You don’t need to be a brainiac to use this sponge holder. Whether in the shower or in the kitchen- Brain Drain Sponge holder will keep your...
Mètre Historique
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Mètre Art

The yARTstick is a painting gallery in pocket size. 2000 years of art history in 58 selected paintings, from the Ancient Romans to the modern...

S Hook

S Hook is convenient for hanging cleaning and other products in your bathroom.The flexible head of the hook securely attaches to any rod so you...

Penguin - Tournevis nomade

€20.00 -20% €16.00
This lovable penguin screwdriver set blends decoration with utility, adding an inviting warmth. Six different-sized screwdriver bits conveniently...

Platawa bottle

Platawa for Bottle is a brush for your portable mug bottle. The brush bends flexibly when you put the head into the bottle. It easily fits the...


€9.50 -20% €7.60
Clip is useful for keeping kitchen cloths and rubber gloves etc . with one hand. It saves space because you can keep such things wherever you...


It is easy to lose track of your remote control at home, but with this, you can create a permanent home for it. In our quest to create easy-to-use...
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Hold U - porte éponge

€7.50 -20% €6.00
Hold is a useful holder for dish sponge and other kitchen items neatly. You can also use it in various ways such as holding bottles upside down...


A simple and practical metal plate to hang all your documents and photos using magnets.

Bird Cutter

Not only is this cutter beautiful but it is also super ergonomic!  The head and the body of the bird are like a handle that allows you to have it...